Sonic Districts
Sounds of tomorrows
electric vehicles and
of the city

If we think on a larger city scale, we can work on the composition of urban soundscapes, including acoustic properties for specific zones in a city. We have recently begun to understand that we need positive and pleasant sounds in our environment. Future car sounds could transform cities into a pleasant soundscape for urban citizens. By replacing the sound of traffic with positive perceived sounds, we can create a calm environment and reduce noise related stress. Smart car sensors can be linked to sonic districts where the needs are different.

Without any actions, noise in the city will be the biggest environmental health crisis on public health within twenty years. The different locations have specific properties and activities, and ask for a specifics sounds.

Mr Visserplein

The area arround the Vondelpark is surrounded by a lot of noise. People come here for a a break of moment of silence, but this is disturbed by the noise of traffic. In this natural environment, sounds must be introduced that fits the environment and masks unwanted noise. The goal is to generate a soundscape that offers comfort instead of disturbance.


Around the Weteringschans, the public space, squares and schools are effected by the busy roads and traffic. A lot of children play outside and the noise effects their health. The sounds of electric cars should make the area more calm and enhance the everyday life for it's citizens. We do not have to accept this place as noisy, it must become more human.

Mr Visserplein

The traffic noise in the surrounding streets of Mr Visserplein is so high that noise in the neighborhood is often higher than 70dB. The constant hum of traffic causes residents anxiety, stress and heart palpitations. Students and people that go to work within the area have the need for sounds that helps them to focus and do their daily activities.

Electric vehicles will become "smarter" in the future and probably autonomous. The main goal for autonomous vehicle systems now is to have the car run in full autonomous mode. Future cars can detect roads, traffic lights, the amount of traffic and gets a clear picture of the environment. In this way it's possible to create an audio system for cars with the ability to calculate the desired sounds in sonic districts.



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